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The Kinesiology College of Victoria specialises in teaching Touch for Health (TFH). This modality is fully accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and the International Kinesiology College.

Touch for Health (TFH):

Touch for Health with its origin in the 1970’s, is an internationally recognised course, and is the basis for
many other types of Kinesiology.

TFH is the introductory training to Kinesiology and can be studied either as a stand-alone course – a
home application to help and support your loved ones or as a starting point to become an accredited

This course provides practical every day application to improve postural balance, health, performance and
increased wellbeing on all levels.

Please click here for a more detailed description of Touch for Health and an overview of what will be covered in each of the four weekends.


Touch for Health 1-4: 64 hours (16 hours per module, Category “A”).
Touch for Health Practical Workbook: 60 hours (Category “A”).
Touch for Health Proficiency: 16 hours (prerequisite: Touch for Health 1-4 and workbook, Category “A”).
Touch for Health Metaphors: 16 hours (prerequisite: Touch for Health 1-4, Category “B”).
Touch for Health Trainer Workshop: 64 hours (prerequisite: Touch for Health Proficiency, Category “B”).

  • Time

    Weekend dates 9am – 6pm (each day).

  • Course dates for 2020:

    • TFH 1: 1st and 2nd of February 2020
    • TFH 2: 29th of February and 1st of March 2020
    • TFH 3: 20th and 21st of June 2020
    • TFH 4: 18th and 19th of July 2020
    • TFH Metaphors: TBC
    • TFH Proficiency: TBC
    • TFH Trainer Workshop: TBC


Bendigo (you will receive a confirmation letter stating the address including a description of how
to get there).

Cost (including Touch for Health Manual and Certificate)

  • TFH 1: $460
  • TFH 1-4: $1500 payable before course commencement.
  • TFH Metaphors: $460
  • TFH Practical Workbook: $121
  • TFH Proficiency: $490
  • Optional

    If you intend to become a Registered Kinesiology Practitioner, you will have to complete the TFH
    Practical Workbook which runs alongside the weekend workshops before attending the TFH Proficiency.


    $200 non-refundable deposit payable on enrolment. No places will be held without a deposit.


    4 (minimum) up to 12 (maximum) participants.

    Payment Method

    Cash or direct debit.

    Please email me an expression of interest.

    To reserve your place, you will have to pay a deposit of $200 latest two weeks before the first scheduled
    weekend and complete the enrolment form.

    Please contact me if you are interested in organising a course outside of Bendigo.

    Your Trainer, Anette Kortenhaus:

    Teaching allows me to combine my two passions: Growing and learning as an individual and passing this
    knowledge and experience on, so that opportunities are provided for personal development and growth,
    and self-limiting beliefs are able to be confronted in a caring way.

    For 3 years I taught the NEIS program showing and demonstrating people on Centerlink benefits
    how they can turn their lives around, become independent and proud of their achievements. It is so often
    more about self-esteem and confidence than business skills and start-up money.

    I have been teaching the following courses or part of:

    • Diploma of Business
    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
    • Certificate IV in Small Business Management
    • Certificate III in Micro Business Operations
    • Certificate I in Workplace Education
    “Live like you were to die tomorrow, learn like you were to live forever.”
    - Mahatma Gandhi